Alexia Wardell Photography

Originally posted on Mother Lode Brides:

Wedding photography is so important.  There are some key elements required to keeping your guests happy (like food and entertainment) and everyone remembers having a good time…..BUT guess who won’t remember most of it….YOU!!  I look back at my pictures of my wedding just over a year ago and comment to myself “Oh, I forgot that person was there” or “I forgot about that” and it hasn’t even been that long.  In 10 years, what will I have forgotten?

Alexia goes a step further.  Have you ever looked at old photographs of your grandmother and marveled at how beautiful she was?  I think in our world today we have forgotten the art of the “portrait”.  Alexia celebrates the beauty of women as she carefully plans out hair, makeup, and every detail and captures that in the studio (or any other location for that matter).  Photoshoots of women in their wedding…

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